All Staff Members

Kelly-Ann Rayle

Parish Associate

Kelly-Ann Rayle joined the church staff as a Parish Associate on November 6. She is the staff person responsible for the youth programs of the church. She works with the Christian Education Committees, most specifically in the areas of children and youth. She preaches occasionally and assists with worship leadership. And she provides pastoral care… Read More »

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Andy Coffey

Youth Director (Part Time)

The church and youth has always been a part of my life and that continues today.  I grew up in the Buena Vista Presbyterian Church. Some of my greatest and earliest memories were the church plays, Sunday School and VBS.  My parents are both active members in the church and in the community.  I learned… Read More »

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Skip Hess

Director, Culinary Ministry Team

For years Skip has been providing a remarkable service to members of this church through his labors surrounding food service. Anyone who has worked with him in planning and preparing meals, baking cakes and breads, serving meals, etc. knows the warm atmosphere of camaraderie Skip creates in the church kitchen. What Skip provides is a… Read More »

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Douglas L. Stevenson


Robert Moreschi


Cynthia G. Irby

Financial Secretary

Mary P. Atthowe

Clerk of Session

Janice R. Downey

Nursery/Preschool Caregiver

Connie Bryant

Kitchen Worker

Ricardo L. Haston

Night Security Officer