ZOOM Fellowship Opportunities

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We provide mid-week fellowship opportunities with youth fellowship, Thantastic Thursday programs, women's circles and more.  Contact us HERE to find out how to get involved!

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Online classes range from our youngest in the congregation, to youth, and to adult, including Sunday School classes for all ages, Lectio Divina mid-week study time, and women's circle meetings.


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We hold ZOOM and YouTube LiveStream worship each Sunday.  These online forums currently begin at 11:00am. To request a ZOOM invitation to worship, please click HERE. For the latest on resuming in-person worship, click HERE.


Before COVID-19, members of the church community enjoyed the following opportunities for fellowship.  We expect all these activities to resume as soon as it’s safe.

Coffee/Lemonade Fellowship (Pre-COVID-19)

Fellowship featuring coffee during the cold months, lemonade during the warm months, and cookies all year followed the 11:00am service (10:00am in summer). We usually met in Brady Chapel, but sometimes we gathered in the garden between the sanctuary and Murray Hall.

Thantastic Thursdays Fellowship dinner (Pre-COVID-19)

Food, fun and fellowship. If you like any of these things, then Thantastic Thursdays is for you.  Pre-COVID-19, a prepared dinner and short program took place on Thursdays at 5:45 p.m.  We continue to have fellowship on some Thursday evenings via ZOOM.

Previously, there was a child-friendly menu for those under 12. The charge for the meal was $8 per person or $20 for a family.  Those who planned to attend could sign up in Realm, via email, or in the Thantastic Thursdays book outside of the Main Office. Once a month we offered Sunday brunch after the 11:00 service instead of a Thursday evening event.

We offered Infant through Toddler care during the program part of Thantastic Thursday evenings with pre-registration.  We had a "homework room" for older children if desired.

We asked those who had a couple hours a month to consider helping with the Thantastic Thursday meals. Help was needed with preparation (Wednesday 10-2), set-up (Thursday 12-3 and 3-6), and clean up (Thursday 6-8:30 pm).  Those who volunteered loved being part of the kitchen crew!

House Church (Pre-COVID-19)

House Church is in-home fellowship which provided an opportunity to nurture a sense of community and belonging among our adult members. We met monthly in groups of 12 or 15 people October through May, in the homes of group members. Together we enjoyed a potluck meal and lots of good fellowship.  There was a special House Church group for twenty- and thirty-somethings.

The aim of House Church is to build community. It is not meant to be a Bible study or an encounter group. It is meant to be a time for the members of the congregation to gather to get to know one another better. In so many ways the stories shared at House Church gatherings help us all grow in our faith.

Campus Ministry (Pre-COVID-19)

While the Campus Ministry Committee is still working hard to engage and support college students in our midst, before the pandemic church members were encouraged to invite these young people into our church community and to get to know some of them personally. Each year we offered the Adopt-a-Student program to make them feel at home in Lexington.  Campus Ministry also offered a coffee fellowship for cadets and college students each Sunday at 10:30am before the 11:00AM service.