Youth Programs

*All Sunday School Classes are meeting on Zoom. For further information about any of our Youth Offerings please contact: Youth Director, Andy Coffey HERE

Youth Sunday School

While virtual, we will use Open Life Church resources. Our first resource will be "Life in 6 Words." The Gospel is simple yet profound. Your young adult may know the Gospel well, but have they wrestled with the deeper truths represented by the acrostic message? Diving into the theology of the Gospel message, this study will challenge teenagers with biblical stories that have the power to transform their lives and enable them to explain God's great story to their friends more fully. We will then focus on "Grace: The Greatest Story Ever Told." This curriculum will focus on the most significant moment in history. The moment Jesus didn't stay dead. In this series, we will help students better understand the significance of that moment by exploring our need for Jesus and what He did for us. We will look into who Jesus was and what He did while he walked among us. We will think deeply about Easter and look at how the world is different because of the Easter miracle. We will conclude by talking about what that means for us as people living on this side of the resurrection.

Meets each Sunday @ 9:45 AM

Youth Group

Please follow the calendar on REALM and our website for meetings and dates. The plan is to have at one in-person meeting or event per month and one zoom meeting. We will try to focus our missionary work virtually during the COVID crisis. We aim to create a welcoming space for all. During our time together, we will share a short devotional, enjoy a meal (when in person), play a game(s), and enjoy the fellowship of being "connected" in community with one another.  Please watch for your youth’s invitation to join us!

Meets on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of month

1st Sunday via Zoom @ 7:00 PM

3nd Sunday “in-person” @ 5:30 PM (location - TBA)

Andy Coffey also plans on gathering with the Youth for impromptu fellowship activities (T/D,TBD). Watch for Youth Realm Posts and Texts!


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