We at Lexington Presbyterian reach out to meet needs in every corner of the globe. Our support may be financial, often through special collections, or more intensive through direct participation in mission teams. Click the links below to find out more about what we do and how you can help.

Church World Service

For over 60 years, CWS has worked in partnership

with local communities to identify their needs and access the resources they need to build the foundation for a more viable future, including:

  • Blankets, tents, food and other emergency supplies in the wake of a disaster
  • Tools and seeds for refugees returning home to replant their fields
  • Wells for families living in drought prone areas to provide clean, safe water to drink and to irrigate crops and gardens.
  • Literacy training and microcredit for women struggling to realize their potential.

For more information on CWS Programs, visit

Helping Hands

Helping HandsThe Helping Hands group meets in the Westfel Lounge from 10:00am-2:00pm on the first Monday of each month, October through April, to sew for the Church World Service and the Medical Benevolence Foundation. Bring a sandwich for lunch. If you can't stay, come pick up items to take home to work on there.

We work on receiving blankets, baby gowns and stuffed animals for hospitalized children for missions abroad as well as in the USA.

If you cannot join us and would like to help, we are always in need of flannel, light weight fabric, bias tape, and light weight yarn. These items may be left on the PW table near the Ladies' Lounge downstairs in Murray Hall.

Call Ellen Smith for more information.

Our small stuffed animals are being distributed to Project Horizon, the ER and Lab at Carillion Stonewall Jackson Hospital, and the Sheriff's Office.

Rafiki Foundation

Rafiki, the Swahili word for friend, captures the vision and purpose of the Rafiki Foundation.

Since 1985 Rafiki has answered God's call to be that friend to the needy in Africa in various ways, including missionary work. In 2001 Rafiki received its first orphan, and has made orphan care and Christian education its top priority. These children, all orphaned because of famine, war, and illness, mainly HIV/AIDS, are being rescued from starvation, disease, hopelessness, and despair. They are given a healthy future filled with laughter, promise, security, learning, and love.

In the villages Rafiki provides all of the housing, supervised by screened African women who act as surrogate mothers. Also provided are food, clothing, supplies, medical care and education for a child from the day he/she arrives until adulthood. The cost to raise a child varies from village to village, therefore there are a number of levels at which you can participate. All funds given go directly to support the child. All of the children need at least one sponsor.You or your family may want to consider this very real way of connecting with a child in Africa. There are many orphans in the 10 countries in Africa where Rafiki has established villages. The cost is $25, $50, $75, or $100 per month.

The Lexington Presbyterian church school classes, pre-school through high school, are sponsoring a little girl named Metsenant Tages. Metsy is living in the Rafiki village in Ethiopia. Our classes receive regular updated prayer requests for Metsy, and their weekly offerings go to her support. Deb Klein's class is also supporting Metsy as a back-up for the summer months in which there is no church school.

Additional information and forms are on the bulletin board near the stairs to the Dunlap wing of Murray Hall.

Learn more about the Rafiki Foundation.