Serving Others

A Note from the Lexington Presbyterian Church Outreach Committee, January 2021

Despite the physical restrictions that COVID-19 has presented the Outreach Committee over the last several months, we have certainly remained steadfast in doing the work of our Lord through serving others. We began 2021 by receiving updates on our several missionaries. They are all doing well, but like everyone else they have been impacted by COVID-19. We hope for more updates in the near future, especially as they become able to do more of God's work.

We have made several allocations to a variety of local organizations over the last year and within the last month to those have been affected by COVID. We were able to support the following locations: RARA, Rockbridge Area Health Center, YMCA, Natural Bridge Learning Center, and the Walkers & Irma Thompson funds.

If you know of any unmet needs in our community, please reach out to us at any time. 


Lexington Presbyterian members take seriously the challenge of Matthew 25, to help the “least of these” in society who are hungry, thirsty, sick or in prison. We also look for ways to address systemic social problems, such as poverty, immigration, racial injustice and climate change.

We do this at the local, national and international level through both hands-on volunteer efforts and financial donations. A healthy portion of the church’s operating budget and bequests is directed to outreach each year.  LexPres funds also support missionaries on three continents.

Whether you prefer to swing a hammer, knit blankets, prepare and serve meals, or lend your talents in other ways, LexPres offers numerous opportunities to serve others.  You can find more details here:


And be sure to check the church’s weekly and monthly newsletters for new opportunities.