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Whether the need is in our own community or elsewhere in the state or nation, Lexington Presbyterian participates either in financial contributions or in the active involvement of our congregation members. The following is a partial list of organizations we support in our region. Click on the underlined links for additional information.

Another face of local mission is our annual youth mission project. For more information, on project plans, visit our Youth page.

The Dan and Betsy Brittigan Endowment Fund

Chair: Mary H. Honsinger

The sole mission of the Brittigan Fund is to aid and assist at-risk children in the Cities of Lexington and Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County. Their message is clear and specific - they seek to provide grant funding to alleviate needs not otherwise met by government or local organizations and agencies.

To that end, The Brittigan Endowment Fund solicits applications to disburse funds to help stimulate events, activities and programs that have a direct beneficial impact for at-risk youth. The Brittigan Endowment Fund asks that you apply as soon as possible, and that your application include the time frame in which the grant would be spent.

We seek applications to fund both organizational and individual requests; anyone may asks for assistance at any time to help a specific at-risk child. Below are descriptions of and links to the Organizational Application Form and the Individual Application Form. We look forward to and encourage your application and wish you the very best this year as you continue to help at-risk youth in our community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

Please submit questions in this field.

Organizational Funding

Organizations involved with at-risk youth may apply for funds to further their goals, projects and programs that directly influence at-risk youth. When applying, please feel free to request funds for existing activity and future desired involvement with at-risk youth. We would like to hear what you wish to do and what you are doing. Examples of projects might include requests for multi-agency staff training events, scholarships for children to attend on-going programs, child-centered equipment and supplies, and organizational equipment and sustaining needs. Our committee prefers not to fund requests for merchandizing and promotional items such as tee-shirts, caps, bags, logo material and the like, or attendance inducements (snacks, drinks and so forth). You know best what is needed now in our community and we look forward to your ideas.

You can find the 2022 Grant Awards Application for Organizations by filling out the following form: Organizational Grant Application.

Individual Assistance

Anytime during the year, a child may become or remain at-risk. We also offer individual assistance and it may be requested by anyone; parents, guardians, teachers, neighbors, police officers, firefighters, medical personnel – anyone who can identify a child at-risk and determines that we may be helpful. Particularly, school counselors and in-home clinicians find our process easy to assist their clients who have need. Individual assistance may be requested anytime. We rely on you to help identify children in need and how to best help them. If you say a family needs toothbrushes and soap for three children, we don’t need to know who that family is. Our goal is not to know who we are helping but rather that we are helping.  In the past, we have funded individual requests for diverse purposes, including shoes, clothing, prosthetic devices, and clothing - alleviating existing needs or those urgent and emergent needs that may arise during the year.

To access the individual application form, please click on the following link: Individual Application.

Our mission is critically important, but our application process is simple - designed not to burden you with paperwork. We ask that organizations request funds by May 1, so our Committee can review all requests and award funds accordingly. Individuals are encouraged to apply at any time. Funds will be distributed as we receive them without passion or prejudice toward religious affiliation by the Brittigan Endowment Fund Committee, a mission established within the Lexington Presbyterian Church.

Brittigan Fund Grant Awards Application for Individual Children

Dan and Betsy Brittigan Endowment Fund

MM slash DD slash YYYY
The Brittigan Endowment was established to specifically help children and adolescents at risk in Lexington, Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County. In what way do you consider this child to be at risk and how will this grant funding help?
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Adopt-a-Student Program

The end of summer brings new students to Lexington, giving us an opportunity once again to invite these young people into our church community and to get to know some of them personally. Members of our church family "adopt" interested VMI and W&L students.

These students often just need a place to get away and have some familial contact. Individual hosts and students set parameters in terms of time and frequency of visits as well as activities. Some provide comfort to a homesick student for a part of the year; others may develop long term relationships that last a lifetime. Imagine, as a parent, how much you would appreciate it if you knew a family was caring for your child away at college. Participation in the Adopt-a-Student program really does make a difference in the life of a student.

We match students with host families in early September, once both VMI and W&L students are in town. Do consider taking part in this campus ministry - either as a host or an "adoptee."

Contact Liz Ramsey at 463-5361.

Rockbridge Area Relief Association (RARA)

RARA has been serving residents of Rockbridge County and the cities of Lexington and Buena Vista since 1972 by providing emergency assistance with food, shelter, utilities, heating fuel, medications, transportation and other basic necessities.  LexPres supports RARA in various ways, including monthly food collections and Youth Group service projects. The church is also part of a three-church safety net that supports people identified and screened by RARA who are in urgent need of money to pay utility bills or meet rent.

Community Table

The Community Table seeks to relieve the hunger of those residing in Lexington, Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County of Virginia and also creating a sense of community. Dinner is served on Monday evenings; all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.

The Community Table is located on the ground floor of the Rockbridge Area Relief Association building at 350 Spotswood Drive, Lexington, next to the hospital. Guests will find a "restaurant" without a cash register, to serve all who enter. If you choose to donate $5.00, you provide up to three meals for your neighbors in need. Every dollar counts.

LexPres is responsible for all the volunteers on the second Monday of every month. This means we need people to serve from 5:30 to 7:30 and to clean up at 7:30. We need a minimum of six people for each shift.

LexPres also provides desserts for The Community Table on the 4th Monday of every month. If you are able to prepare a dessert and deliver to The Community Table  or to the church, please contact Mary Beth Baker (463-9563 or

Rockbridge Area Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. HFHI seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need.

LexPres has long been a supporter of our local Habitat for Humanity.  Every third year, the church participates in a Faith Build along with a half dozen other churches.  Many years, women of the church participate in a “women’s build.”

The projects help a local family become owners of a new home.   There are plenty of opportunities to lend a hand -– whether providing lunch for work crews or hammering nails yourself. Cash donations are welcome as well!  No prior construction experience is required – and you are welcome to invite friends, family members and non-church members.  Consider putting together a team of friends to volunteer once a week and share the inspiring experience of watching a home become a reality.

Visit the web site for the Rockbridge Area HFH for details on current projects.

The Jesse Tree

The Jesse Tree is a part of getting ready for Christmas at Lexington Presbyterian. The Jesse Tree is an opportunity to remember those whom Jesus would have us remember – "the least of these my brothers and sisters."

The Jesse Tree/Chrismon Tree is set up in our church sanctuary every year during the season of Advent. To participate simply choose one or more of the many cards hanging on the tree that describe a particular need. We invite you to bring the card attached to the gift back to church and place it under the Jesse Tree. There will be boxes under the tree for checks. We encourage you to simplify the wrapping as much as possible. May we give generously in response to God's greatest gift to us – the child born in a manger, our Emmanuel.

Recipient organizations and a brief statement of their mission:

Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee
Provides balanced meals for low-income members of Rockbridge County.

Community Table
Cultivates a strong community by providing healthy, tasty food and by welcoming everyone to the Table.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Witnesses to the healing love of Christ through caring for communities adversely affected by crisis and catastrophic event.

Project Horizon
Attempts to eradicate domestic, dating, and sexual violence in the Lexington, Buena Vista, and Rockbridge County area through crisis intervention services and prevention programs.