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Lexington Presbyterian supports people, organizations, and programs throughout the world and locally. We believe that we are all missionaries in our community and wherever we go. To find your own mission field, please check the links under the "Serve" menu item. Our Outreach Committee offers grants to to support individuals in their own missionary endeavors. To apply, see the mission grant application for more information.

In addition our church supports several missionary families.

The Hunters
The Hunters currently live in the US after many years abroad in a sensitive area of the world. They serve in Internet Evangelism and are excited to see how God is using the Internet to open doors of hope and light into otherwise difficult and inaccessible regions.

A recent communications of theirs states:

The Lord is not limited by anything! Where we see limitations and difficulties, He sees opportunities. The Internet is often seen as a symbol of depersonalization in society; and yet God is using it to spread the Gospel. Through the Internet, meaningful connections can be made with people in isolated and remote areas where opportunities for fellowship are few and far between.

The Hunters' two children are in college. Mr. Hunter grew up in the Lexington Presbyterian Church. He and Mrs. Hunter plan to return soon to the region where they had been serving.

Ministry of Hope
The Ministry of Hope was established in April, 1999 by a young Malawian as a Christian response to the overwhelming number of orphans in Malawi. As a nation, Malawi is faced with the great challenge of raising approximately 2 million orphans, most of them being AIDS orphans. Day-to-day operations are carried out by a staff based in the capital and by feeding center directors who live in the six villages where the Ministry of Hope operates.

A Malawian board of directors and a U.S. board of directors provide oversight and support. The ministry is under the Mkuza Presbyterian Church of the Nkhoma Synod in Malawi and also has partnerships with several other church denominations. For more information visit

The Ogden Family
Kirk and Emily Ogden joined South America Mission in June of 1999 after spending a number of years ministering with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Kirk is a third generation SAM missionary. They have three children.

After serving for 2 and 1/2 years in a church planting and development ministry in San Ignacio, the Ogdens returned to the U.S. to serve in Mobilization. Kirk is now Executive Director of SAM.

For more information on South America Mission, visit

The Johnson's
Melissa and Charles thank you for your generous support of their work in Zambia. Melissa is working in the CCAP Zambia Health Department, and has been visiting clinics, and meeting with different folks involved in healthcare in Lundazi District. Charles has been preparing to teach an agriculture class at Chasefu Theological College, which will begin on October 17. Since all instructors are visiting faculty, due to the remote location of the seminary, all courses are taught in one week blocks, all day long. Charles has also been preparing to begin farming activities at Chasefu. Because of a recent change in the farm manager, they are a little behind with the land preparation, but are confident they will catch up. Rainy season arrives in late November/early December, and they will be ready to start planting the crops then.

If you would like to follow our work more closely, here are a few links:

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