Educational Grants

Lexington Presbyterian Church offers grants each year for vocational or academic educational pursuits. Preference is given to active participants in the life of our church. The grants are not limited to college, but can also be used for vocational school, graduate or professional school, or other specialized training which would further the applicant's education and assist in preparation for entrance or re-entrance into the job market.

As the cost of all education continues to rise and the amount available to award for grants fluctuates, the Campus Ministry Subcommittee would like to encourage everyone prayerfully to consider making a gift to the Grant Fund so that future assistance to grant recipients can increase. A gift could be in memory or in honor of a loved one, possibly someone who has made a major impact in someone's education or vocation.

Grant Details

What is covered.

Grants will be awarded to assist with costs related to tuition, fees, books, equipment, uniforms, living expenses, child care and transportation. Eligible programs include college, vocational school, graduate or professional school or other specialized training to help recipients realize the goal of further education and to assist in preparation for entrance or re-entrance into the job market.

Grant size.

The size of the grant will vary each year based upon the number of qualified applicants and the amount of funds available to the committee.


Grant recipients may reapply for continued assistance in subsequent years.  In any given year, funding priority will be given to qualified first-time applicants.

Deadline for grant applications will be accepted no later than midnight on May 1! Applications should be submitted to the office of the Lexington Presbyterian Church. Applications for assistance at other times during the year will be considered as funds are available.

Notification of the action of the awards committee to all applicants will be done in a timely manner that will be no later than June 1.

Application forms are available on this web site either for printing and mailing or delivering by hand to Lexington Presbyterian Church or for electronic delivery.

Online Application

Download a copy of the LPC Educational Grant Application in MS Word format. First save it in a known place, then fill it in online and email it to the church office.

The application works best with post-2007 versions of Microsoft Word on the PC and Mac. The online fill-in-the-blank feature may not work with older versions of Word, Google Docs or the various "open office" versions, but you should still be able to over-type the various regions to complete the form successfully. As a last resort you can download a PDF version of the form as noted above and mail or hand-carry it to the church office. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

If you experience difficulty with the form, please let the Web Manager know. Include the type of device (PC, Mac, cell phone, tablet, etc.) and the software & version that you were using.