Current Staff Openings

We currently have two staff openings.


Job Title: Director of Christian Education

Position Scope:
The Director of Christian Education (DCE) shall be the primary staff person responsible for providing leadership and oversight to the educational programs of the church related to children, youth, campus ministry and adults.  The position shall draw upon clerical, motivational, teaching, leading, organizing, and administrating skills.


-  A Bachelor of Arts or its equivalent;

-  A passion in seeing the Christian faith is imparted to all ages;

-  A warm, agreeable, and welcoming demeanor in meeting the public;

-  An ability to speak effectively in a public forum;

-  Adequate facility with computers…particularly Word.

-  A creative and energetic spirit.

-  A willingness to gain facility with the church’s data base (Realm).

Relationships and Accountability:

  1. Relationships: The DCE’s primary line of communication is with the pastor; the Christian Education Committee; and with Session.
  1. Accountability: The DCE reports to the pastor.  Supervision and guidance are of a general nature.

Hours: Part Time

Annualized Salary:      $26,000 ($2,167 per month or 1040 hours @ $25)

Vacation:  As per the Manual of Operations (adopted by session 12-20-2020)

Job Title: Parish Associate

Position Scope:
The Parish Associate (PA) is employed by the Session upon recommendation of the Pastor.  The PA is a temporary, part-time, contract position to assist the minister in providing pastoral care to the members of the congregation.

Activities and Responsibilities:

  1. Required Skills:
    -An ordained minister with experience and passion in pastoral care.

Relationships and Accountability:

  1. Relationships: The PA's primary lines of communication are with the pastor.
  1. Accountability: The PA reports to the minister.  Supervision and guidance are of a general nature.

Hours: Hours vary – but it is expected the PA will work 6-10 hours per week.

Salary: $30 per hour.

Vacation:  N/A

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