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We currently have one staff opening.


Lexington Presbyterian Church

Job Title: Sexton

Position Scope: The work of the Sexton involves the routine cleaning of the church facilities and minor repairs.

Activities and responsibilities:
A. Required Skills
- Physical condition necessary to regularly move tables and chairs, climb tall ladders to
change light bulbs and clean.
- A warm, helpful, and welcoming demeanor in meeting the public.
- A self-starter and decision maker with authority to complete responsibilities without
regular oversight.

B. Responsibilities
- To keep the sanctuary and educational building clean and orderly.
- To keep windows washed on the interior.
- Prepare walks, steps and porches in anticipation of winter storms.
- To prepare rooms for use on Sunday and weekdays for church and non-church activities
as posted.
- To keep bathrooms clean and stocked.
- Empty all trash as needed during cleaning of each area.
- Check AED machines weekly.
- To help bring out, set up and put away various holiday decorations.
- To keep the lawns and grounds mowed and trimmed or oversee that work.
- To cooperate with other church employees as their duties and schedules relate to
- To inform Administrative Assistant of supply needs and when things break down
requiring the attention of a service person.
- To inform his/her supervisor when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.
- Overall: To clean the church once a week and the bathrooms at least twice a week

Relationships and Accountability:
A. Relationships
Sexton's primary line of communication is with the minister(s), the Administrative
Assistant, and the Chairperson(s) of the Property Committee.

B. Accountability

Sexton reports to the minister. Supervision and guidance are of a general nature.


Salaried position. Pay commensurate with experience but based upon expected work
week not exceeding 30 hours.

If you know someone who we should  consider please call the Church Office (540-463-3873) or send an email to

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