Church Leadership / Committees

Presbyterians have a representative form of government. Local congregations are governed by ruling elders elected from among the congregation. These elders meet in a body called the Session, which is moderated by the pastor, or teaching elder. More about the history and governance of our denomination may be found at the web site of the Presbyterian Church in the USA. Elders, although ordained for life, typically serve 3-year terms as active members of the Session.

The work of our local church is carried out in various committees that report to the Session.

We have developed policies governing aspects of church life. These include policies for weddings, funerals, and bequests.

Our Session

Tom Groome, Moderator

Mary P. Atthowe, Clerk

Class of 2023

Nancy Bidlack
Doug Caldwell
Philip Coulling
Leon Johenning
Lisa Keesee
Pat Wiese
Will Woody

Class of 2024

Tom Goodale
Debbie Pollard
Kaitlin Smith
Mary Ellena Ward
Neely Young

Class of 2024

Tim Braddick
Megan Hobbs
Mary Honsinger
Maurine Houser
Maggie Irby
Chuck Skoog


The Session generally meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Brady Chapel (currently on ZOOM). We invite anyone who is interested in learning more about how the Session operates to attend a meeting. In our REALM church software we publish to our congregation summaries of the meetings and information about major committee reports.  The public can always request a copy of any of this information by contacting the church office.

Information on spiritual leadership provided for Presbyterian elders


The organizational structure of the Lexington Presbyterian Church is an outgrowth of its mission. The work of the church is done through its committees. We encourage all church members to consider serving on a committee. Although this may sound like a daunting task, members find that in addition to performing a valuable service they gain fellowship and support from their committee co-workers. See below for information on each committee.

Administrative Committee

Chair: Mary Ellena Ward

The Administrative Committee is comprised of the Financial Management Subcommittee, Personnel Committee, and the Planning committee.

Financial Management Subcommittee

General duties: Establish and oversee the various financial aspects of the church.

Personnel Subcommittee

General duties: to provide an orderly and ongoing means for Session to manage human resources wisely and provide a healthy work environment. To provide support and counsel to the pastor (who serves as head of staff) concerning employment issues.

Planning Subcommittee

General duties: to provide long-range thinking and planning for all church activities; to provide initial program development and coordinate implementation by the appropriate committee; to conduct periodic Session retreats; to coordinate assignments that cross over committees; to provide for the smooth transition in the leadership of the standing committees of Session.

Christian Education Committee

General duties: Determine general policies; plan and evaluate the educational and youth programs of the church; oversee the church library; select and furnish curriculum and related resources; provide for an adult educational weekend; promote and encourage seminars; seek ways to involve youth & adults in Christian education and all aspects of the church's work; lead the Campus Ministry program.


  • Children's Division: Poppy Orendorf
  • Youth Division: Andy Coffey
  • Adult Division: Sheila Colón
  • Campus Ministry Division: Liz Ramsey

Congregational Life Committee

General duties: to encourage and comfort the members of the congregation; to welcome new members; to facilitate fellowship opportunities for the on-going life of the congregation.

Communications Subcommittee

General duties: to assure the appropriate flow of communications throughout the church family and the community.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is made up of eight persons: two Elders assigned by the session and six selected from the congregation (one of whom is a young person). Individuals serve single three year terms on the Nominating Committee.

Outreach Committee

General duties: to develop the outreach witness of this church on local, national, and international levels.

You may review some of the many mission and outreach programs supported by Lexington Presbyterian by selecting the links under "Serve" in the menu bar.

Property Committee

Manage the property of LPC; plan/supervise all maintenance of
property and equipment; coordinate with Congregational Life Committee concerning matters related to the kitchen; perform annual inspection of property and equipment prior to making annual budget and capital improvement recommendations; ensure maintenance and use that minimizes liability to the church, church employees, and general public; coordinate the daily activities of the Custodian with church staff as needed; secure a substitute for the Custodian or supplemental help as necessary for vacation periods and for jobs requiring extra assistance; provide custodial supplies; manage the work of the Yardbirds and provide two work days per year focusing upon church grounds; recommend to Session space allocations for new or expanding church programs; develop policies concerning use of church property and equipment by groups within and without the church.

Worship Committee

General duties: to provide for the worship life of the church - develop appropriate means for training and encouraging the congregation in public and private worship; provide for the regular preaching of the Word, observance of the Sacraments, and opportunities for public worship, according to the Book of Order; maintain a current list of church members willing to be lay readers during morning worship; support the music ministry, including its various choirs, their directors, and musicians; arrange the schedule of hosts for the after-church social (lemonade/coffee fellowship) each Sunday; cooperate in planning joint worship services with other churches in the community; plan and implement a variety of worship experiences for our congregation as the need for these is expressed by members – including an Ash Wednesday Service, Maundy Thursday Service, and Easter Sunrise Service; plan and oversee the work of the sub-committee responsible for the Ruling Elder-congregational visitation program.