Adult Programs


Classes and activities are subject to the COVID 19 Guidelines currently in effect.


Online using Zoom technology unless specified.

For further information about any of our Adult Offerings please contact: Rev. Kelly-Ann Rayle.

Explore Class

Meets at various times through the year

This class meets for three sessions to do just what the name implies, explore. We spend time considering what it means to be Christian, what it means to be a Presbyterian Christian, and finally what it means to be a member of the Lexington Presbyterian Church. This class is truly an occasion to explore. When the classes are concluded the hope is that you will choose to join this church...but that is not a foregone conclusion. Anyone interested in knowing more about our theological background is encouraged to explore together. For more information about when the class will be scheduled, please check the events page or contact the church office for further information.

Adult Sunday School Classes



"A.S.K." (Ask-Seek-Knock) Class: facilitated by Ann Massie

              Meets each Sunday at 9:30 AM

The ASK Class (Ask, Seek, Knock) is a group of lively and amiable folks who join together for an adventuresome exploration! This Fall this class will be looking at "Understanding the Old Testament," taught by Professor Robert D. Miller II, Ordinary Professor of Old Testament at The Catholic University of America. Each video class is approximately 30 minutes, which leaves us another half-hour for discussion. The discs are accompanied by a "Course Guidebook," which convener Ann Massie will use to help answer questions or review the material. To join this class please submit a request HERE

Koinonia Class: facilitated by Rev. Kelly-Ann Rayle

Meets each Sunday at 9:45 AM

Through various written materials, this class engages in discussions that attempt to make our faith current and alive right where we are. This fall we will gather to work through “A Strength to Love,” a book of sermons by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the 15 sermons penned in this book we will be studying MLK’s theology of being – “a belief in a divine, loving presence that binds all life.” Analogous to the times at hand, these sermons were penned in the heat of conflict and struggle, so we will hold the Biblical scriptures in tandem as journey together with the Holy Spirit to a deeper understand of what it means to love others in the name of Christ. To join this class please submit a request HERE

 Theology Class: facilitated by Lad Sessions

            *This class is not presently meeting

The Theology Class promotes serious discussion of important theological issues. Everyone contributes their own views as we work to understand texts by leading theologians. All who are interested in exploring the theological foundations of our faith are welcome to attend. *This class is not presently meeting for the Fall.

Adult Midweek Groups

Young Parents Classes: facilitated by Andy and Sabrina Coffey

            Coming soon: “Parenting Class.”

 This class is designed for Parents of Young Children. If you would like more information on this class Rev. Kelly-Ann Rayle.

Lectio Bible Study: facilitated by Mary Ellena Ward

            Meets each Tuesdays @ 10:00 AM

Lectio Divina is the practice of reading scripture, meditating, and praying. Traditionally, it has four separate steps: read, meditate, pray, contemplate. It is not intended to be a study of God's Word but rather a way for each person reading or meditating to experience God's Word for them. We invite you to experience this contemplative time of listening, meditation and discussion with us. To join this class please submit a request HERE.

Find more information about the Lectio Divina practice at Lexington Presbyterian.

Women's Circles: What is a Circle

Leah Circle: coordinated by Debbie Pollard

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 2:00 PM

Leah Circle has no specific leadership, just a coordinating person; members take turns leading the monthly discussion that follows the Upper Room Disciplines book of daily devotions, or they address a topic/scripture that is current and relevant. The Circle takes a voluntary monetary contribution; decisions about spending are jointly determined by members. It is in Circle that church acquaintances become good friends and a support group. To join this class please submit a request HERE.

 Ruth Circle: coordinated by Barbara Dixon

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 12:00 PM in Brady Chapel*

Ruth Circle has a designated individual who leads the bible study at each monthly meeting; more recently Ruth Circle has followed the Presbyterian Women’s bible study book. The Circle takes a voluntary monetary contribution; decisions about spending are jointly determined by members. It is in Circle that church acquaintances become good friends and a support group. To join this class please submit a request to Rev. Kelly-Ann Rayle.

Marriage Enrichment: Facilitated by the Lead Pastor

Meets as Needed:  The aim of this course is to help couples grow closer and build a strong and healthy relationship. The format is much like monthly House Church in that the meeting begins with a shared meal. One of the features of the course is that there is no group work. No one is expected to share anything with anyone other than their partner. During each session there are several breaks where each couple has privacy in a separate room to discuss the topic that has been presented.

We want our church to be known as a community that strengthens marriages, and this course does exactly that. The meeting dates are chosen by the group each month.


Special Events

Festival of Faith

In April of 2021 the Adult Education Subcommittee plans to hosts a weekend “Festival of Faith” with a special theme and speaker and invites the entire community to attend. Past programs have included topics such as Christian spirituality, the Christian responsibility for the environment and the different faces of Christianity in a changing world. Click here to read about our past Festival of Faith Speakers and topics.

Learning through Teaching

The Adult Education classes are not the only way you can learn. You can be a teacher to our children or youth, and through this ministry, honor your baptismal vows and emulate Jesus the Rabbi. The relationships developed with teachers remain with young people into their adult years. Our teachers are fun! Get with the fun crowd! Our young people need you! If you feel called to be a part of our teaching ministries, please speak with Rev. Kelly-Ann Rayle